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The UltraViolet Online Guide contains the Coordinator specification as well as XML examples, articles, technical notes, and more.
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Essential UltraViolet (PDF download)

- A business person's guide to UltraViolet, covering roles, requirements, guidelines, fees, and all the basics. 


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Current Public UltraViolet Specifications and Schemas

Please note that a RAND agreement for use of DECE Specifications outside of the UltraViolet Ecosystem is available upon request via email to admin@decellc.com

System Release 2.4 

Adopted 17-April-2016

Common Format and Related Specifications

UltraViolet Specifications

           Download:  All the above files as a single .zip file: 2.4 System Release - Public

Common Redemption

System Release 2.3

Adopted 2-December-2015

           Download:  All the above files as a single .zip file: 2.3 System Release - Public

Common Redemption

System Release 2.2

Adopted 15-September-2015

           Download:  All the above files as a single .zip file:  2.2 System Release - Public

Common Redemption

Prior Public UltraViolet Specifications and Schemas

System Release 2.1

Adopted 26-March-2015

           Download: All the above files as a single .zip file:  2.1 System Release - Public

System Release 2.0.1

Adopted 28-January-2015

System Release 2.0

Adopted 16-December-2014

System Release 1.2

Adopted 6-November-2014

System Release 1.1.1

Adopted 10-March-2014

System Release 1.1

Adopted 23-November-2013

System Release 1.0.7

Adopted 30-October-2013

Pre-1.0.7 versions of the UltraViolet Specifications are available to UltraViolet Licensees via login to UVCentral.